Fun and Fantastic but it seems like a fantasy

At the moment Mum and Dad are busy reading guide books. When I peek over their shoulders at the photographs they look fun and fantastic but somehow not real. Sometimes they call me over to the computer to have a look at the clips of exotic animals and photographs of our accommodations. One of our most fascinating places that we have booked is an exotic fruit farm in the Daintree rainforest. The Daintree rainforest is in Queensland in Australia. Click here to see in detail. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fun and Fantastic but it seems like a fantasy

  1. Hello Louisa!

    I guess it will all make more sense once the trip starts. We´re all looking forward to seeing you again when you´re in Rio de Janeiro. How exciting isn´t it? And you can have sleepovers with Amanda (you probably don´t remember her, but she does remember you very well). Lots of love from Rio de Janeiro.xx

  2. hi i wish i could be there with you loads of sleepovers when you come back. The play is soon i wish you was here because you would of been a much better robin hood ten josh big hugs lisa

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks! It is annoying because i have arranged to skype elm class but i dont know if Mrs Mail has a webcam so i can not do maple class.

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