Japanese Rail Passes

We’ve bought our rail passes for Japan. We’re going to take the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Hiroshima and back. The passes aren’t cheap, but turn out to be about the same cost as that return journey. I thought it was slightly odd that the promotional leaflet that came with the tickets had a famous picture of a tsunami on it. Not sure many other countries would advertise their natural disasters in tourist literature! Anyway, it’s pretty exciting to be going on some of the world’s fastest trains. Check out this video of a Nozomi Shinkansen. This is the only one we can’t use our pass on, so we won’t quite make 300 km/h, we’ll have to be satisfied with 285 km/h…

2 thoughts on “Japanese Rail Passes

  1. Hello Chris!

    Sounds really exciting. I bet the girls are thrilled to go on this fantastic tour. Have you sorted out the place in Rio? Please, let me know if you need any help, check any addresses or anything. I would be very happy to help you.


  2. Hello again Chris:

    This is what I had in mind for Ilha Grande. A friend of mine has been there. We have to catch a coach until Mangaratiba (about 2hours) and from then get a boat. It is very simple, but my friend says it was really nice. I´ve already written to them asking for availability and prices. Will let you know as soon as I get an answer. I asked them for the weekend of 13-15August.



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