Almost time to leave…

Just one week to go and we’ve started packing in earnest. I also just noticed that a couple of the airlines (Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand) allow you to choose your seats at any time after booking. It’s tricky keeping track when you’ve got flights with seven different carriers…

Another thing I noticed was that TAM have now joined the Star Alliance group of airlines. If that had been the case back when we were planning this, we would probably have got our round the world ticket with them. As I said before, we chose to book with OneWorld because they were the only group to include a South American airline. It did mean that we had to book our Brazillian flights ourselves though. Oh well, next time!

2 thoughts on “Almost time to leave…

  1. Just thought I’d check up on how things are going – I couldn’t remember the url for your blog so I googled it and started reading another rimmer familiy’s blog. Thankfully I realised it wasn’t you, from the picture. I think you need to knock them off the top spot by being more rimmerish than them!

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