Vending Machines

Vending Machine, originally uploaded by Chrstopher.

Yes, they are everywhere in Japan selling water, fizzy drinks, iced coffee and green tea as well as beer and cigarettes. I haven’t seen one selling whisky just yet… We bought a bottle of the CC Lemon Drink from this one. Not bad at all.

The coffee in the top row of cans is Suntory Boss, which has adverts featuring Tommy Lee Jones. I’m reminded of the character played by Bill Murray in “Lost in Translation” who has to go to Japan to do slightly mad commercials.

3 thoughts on “Vending Machines

  1. Oi

    Estava super curiosa pra dar uma olhada no site de voces.

    Me diz, quanto custam essas latinhas de cafe e refrigerante ai no Japao?


    Adri & Gaby & Vitor

  2. Hi Chris, Beth, Louisa and Anna!

    Keep on posting! We´re enjoying your trip and looking foward to seeing all the pics!

    Enjoy yourselves and take care!


  3. Oi Adriana, As latinhas de café ou refrigerante não custam muito – 100JPY a 150JPY (70p – £1.10).
    É possível comer e beber bem sem precisar de muito dinheiro. Os hoteis infelizmente são um pouco caro…

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