Arigatou gozaimasu!

I’m completely overwhelmed by the politeness of the Japanese people. Every encounter is heavily punctuated by smiling,bowing and liberal thank yous (arigatou gozaimasu). It’s a very pleasant experience  – one I could get used to. Likewise the cleanliness. There seem to be armies of people on duty in public places ensuring the highest standards of hygeine. In Kyoto station there is someone whose job appears to consist of wiping down the handrails on all the escalators.

Another more unsettling manifestation of the Japanese proocupation with hygeine is the use of surgical face masks. At first I thought there had been an outbreak of SARS that had passed me by but it transpires that people wear facemasks when they have a cold to avoid passing infection on.


2 thoughts on “Arigatou gozaimasu!

  1. Yes, Beth, it must be very pleasant. I too could get used to the politeness. I want to say that what you and Chris are doing is just fantastic. Not only for the experience of travelling and seeing so many different cultures, but for the opportunity you´re giving Anna and Louisa. After these trip they will certainly be “citizens of the world” and that´s a wonderful thing, isn´t it.

    Love from us in Rio!


    • Hi Jana
      Great to hear from you. I’ve been slow to join Chris at blogging but now that we are finally on the move it seems more appropriate. We are having a great time so far. Very much looking forward to seeing you all in Rio – its been too long since we last met!
      Love Beth xxx

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