Don’t eat it all in one go.

Gobbling sushi outside a temple is not a thing you do every day but we did it. From a Japanese shop we got big rice sushis prawns, eels and noodles. Shovelling our food down like beasts, we watched the visitors filing into the phenomenal temple. Being so interested in this complicated language I didn’t hear dad say
“Don’t put it all in at once!” but it was too late. Being to plump to put my mouth round, the sushi was half in and half out. With Anna and dad bursting with laughter and mum constantly panicing I couldn’t help giggling. Suddenly, I realised the rice was squeezing through my lips, causing me to laugh even harder. I had sort of made a sushi sausage! To be honest to me it seems like I was the centre of attention. EMBARRASSING!

6 thoughts on “Don’t eat it all in one go.

  1. louisa you wright some funny posts and Ece wanted me to tell you she missis you LOUDS and so do do I its wired because at scholl Im seeing heads of you evrey where and I went to ballet toaday and you wernt there

    • Hi sian,
      1 week in japan. 4 days in Hong Kong. 1 month in australia. 13 days in New Zealand. 5 days in Chile. And 3 weeks in Brasil.
      From louisa who is seriously suffering from missing the girls.

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