East meets West

Obviously Japan is a country where the native language is very much different to anything we are used to, with alphabet(s) totally different from European ones. But it isn’t hard to travel about, buy meals and so on. For starters, there is English writing everywhere. Plus the Japanese are just so polite and eager to help. Then they do actually speak some English too.

But as you might expect the mix of East and West throws up some incongruous combinations. This was highlighted today when we went into a kimono shop in Nara. Beautiful fabrics and attentive staff in a spotless store. The music playing in the background? “Always look on the bright side of life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian…

3 thoughts on “East meets West

  1. We asked about a child sized Yukata, as Louisa was quite keen, but they didn’t have any. She has consoled herself by buying a bag today.

  2. You might get one in the Handicraft Centre – not sure where this was – which is where we bought our yucatas many Japanese moons ago. They had a huge selection…..

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