Come on you Carps!

Tomorrow is our last day in japan. I am looking forward to a baseball match we are going to see. It is the Tokyo Yakult Swallows vs the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Carp play in red and swallows play in blue. I can not wait for the match. There are plenty of shops to buy gear to go to the match in. They seem to support there team alot. Today we went to the Atomic bomb dome and learned alot about the history of Hiroshima. It must have been terrible. One girl who did not get killed in the bombing and beleived that if she made a thousand oragarmi cranes she would live. Unfortunatley, she did not live to make that many but she made a fair amount. In her coffin were all of the cranes she had made. i also found out that the atomic bomb’s centre was around 1000000 degrees! That must have been painful!

11 thoughts on “Come on you Carps!

  1. Hi Louisa,
    It looks like you are having a wonderfull time in Japan. I really hope your favorite team wins!
    Talk to you tomorrow! (I can’t wait!)

    your BFF

    • Hi Ece,
      It was cool speaking to you on skype. I am missing you millions. I am just trying to tell you something before I go on the plane to Hong Kong. Just when you went off skype dad went down to reception to check about the match he was told it was cancelled due to bad weather. It was hardly raining at all. I can’t beleive I wasted my yen (the money you get in japan) on a red Hiroshima toyo Carp scrunchie. Typical, right. I was totally looking forward to that game. Stupid rain! I wish it didn’t actat the wrong time. At least I am aloud to choose the resteraunt we go to. I think I might choose to go to the place I went yesterday. It was sooooooooooooooooo yummy. Am I really the gossip of the girls.

  2. Hi Louisa,

    I’m sad that the baseball game was cancelled.At least you have a souvenir from Hiroshima! You’re in Hong Kong now! Best of wishes!
    Your BFF Ece !!!!! xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx
    xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!
    (I’m missing you more than millions!!!!)

  3. can i join your conversation??

    i hope you had a great time in japan. Even Lucas. M is missing you (he just wont admitt it) he he

    from i hope one of your BFF’s CARA !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • To yes one of my BFF’s Cara,
      I’m not in japan anymore! I am on the other side of the world in Australia. Wish you were here!
      Loads of hugs from Lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Mae,
      Yep; I am having a good time here in Australia. Yesterday i went to the golden coast with my friend Evlyn. We sat deep in the water and got very wet. The curent of the water almost pulled me into the sea! I am missing you sooooo much. It is actually quite cold (Even colder in a bikini!) here because it is winter. It seems really strange i know! How are you doing in Britain? What class are you in? It is weird not going to school. I will try to keep in contact as reguarly as possible.
      Loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of hugs from Lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. hi louisa Im so sorry you diddent get to go to the match have you got three more cuntrys to go to and then you come home when you do Im going to give you the worlds longest hug loads and loads and loads and loads of love sian

    • Hi Sian,
      It was sooooo much fun skyping Elm class. Can i ask you a question? Who won the weathervane compettion???? I hope it was us cause we worked really hard on it. I hope it is not too hot in Britain. I was soooooo hot in Hong Kong that even water did not really cool me down. ( And no i did not pour it down myself to immitate my last P. E session!!!)
      loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of love from your BFF Lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Louisa
    I’m sad to say we didn’t win the weathervane competition, but we were in the top five!We won some chocolate to share which is some good news! Sian wasn’t here when the anouncements where made so I’ve got the chocolate at home (Don’t worry I have not eaten it!)loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of love from your BFF Ece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Ece,
      It does not matter if were not first in the weathervane comp. At least we were in the top five. I am going to chile on the third of august and there is quite a big time difference. Instead of me being infront of you iwill be behind U. It is around 5 hours behind. I will be really weird for me cause i will arrive the day i set off and it is an overnight flight.
      loads of love from your BFF Lulu xxxxxxxx :-p

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