19 thoughts on “Anna’s Birthday

  1. What a great birthday, if a rather wet one!
    See you soon….can’t wait to hear all about your travels.
    Granny and Pappa

  2. Dear Anna, I miss you lots! Even more now because Jessica is poorly. I bet you were having a great time on your birthday and hope that you have a great time in Sydney. I’ve enjoyed reading about you in Japan. Disneyland looked fun! You look lots taller than when I last saw you! Lots of love from Izzy xxxxxxxooooooo

  3. Hello to you all and Happy Birthday to Anna!!.
    You are obviously having a fantastic time and it has been great watching your progress through the photos and videos.

    Just wanted to let you know (Chris) that you sold a small framed flower picture today (Doctors surgery) This must feel a world away…

  4. Dear Louisa and Anna, im going to leave you a mission if you choose to accept. it is to count all you can the brazil flags in brazil and as many brazil nut trees then report back to HQ (aka ME) Also happy birthday Anna. hope you all are having a great time
    From Robin
    p.s great video and pics

  5. I hope you are having fun. I’m going to go to Sycamore class with Miss Blackwell next year. I’m glad you’re having a nice time. I can take my bike to school tomorrow. Love Annie xxxxxxxxxxx
    and some blow kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Anna, you know next year you’re going to be in Maple class with me, Jessica, Isa, Louis R, Rowan, Amber and Alice. We are just outside the juniors library. Do you know where that is? I miss you lots and lots. Hope you are well. Love Isabella xoxoxoxoxxoxo

  7. Hello Anna!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! We┬┤ll see you soon in Rio and have a celebration here as well.

    Love from all of us in Rio,

    Jana, Cesar and Amandaxxxx

  8. Hi everybody, just catching up on your blogs and it is lovely to see you are having such a good time. What an amazing train and it is really interesting to get glimpses of the countryside despite the speed. This must be so exciting for you and I bet your school pals are green with envy so keep on with the blogs and they can share even more of it with you. by the way, is there going to be a Beth Rimmer blog at some point?? I wish I could do this blog thingy and could send a few lovelies back!! I will come and get some lessons Chris when you get back but these will be really great memories for you all as a family so go on having a great time Chloe x

    • Hi Chloe
      Great to hear from you!
      We were without proper internet access in Hong Kong so I went a bit quiet. I’ll try to be more regular in my postings from now on! Having a great time so far Love Beth x

  9. my blog is awaiting moderation – does that mean what I think it does? gift of the Irish Gab I guess so not sure what I am supposed to do about that……….Chloe x

    • No, it just means we check that comments are not from spammers the first time you post one. Thanks for your comment!


    Guess what next year i am in larch (mrs joyce) with u
    Miriam and harmony Cedar (mrs thomas)
    Ece and Sian Redwood (mr dandow)

    cara XXX

    • Hi again Cara,
      I can not wait to be in your class. It has been 2 years!!!!!!!!! This is the first time i’ve been without ece or sian in my life!!!!
      loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of hugs from Lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. HI ANNA

    Your birthday seemed to be soooooooooooo much fun, Vitor and I and also his daughter Ines (do you remember her???) we watched your video and we need to say WE MISS YOUUUUUUU

    Enjoy your trip, kisses to all of you


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