Australia in the winter

We are now in Australia after an overnight flight from Hong Kong. It’s winter here, although since we are in Brisbane it is quite pleasant. Chilly in the morning and evenings but usually sunny and in the twenties during the day. Makes a nice change from the stickiness of Hong Kong.

2 thoughts on “Australia in the winter

  1. hi louisa

    It is so so so so hot here and you are saying it is chilly in austrlia WOW!

    Me , Miriam , Harmony , Ece , Sian , Ms Maskell and of corse not forgetting Mae and Amy are all missing you so so much. he he EVEN LUCAS M IS MISSING YOU (but he wont admitt it)

    I hope Anna had a great b’day in hong kong

    speak to you soon CARA

    • Hi Cara,
      Surprising isn’t it!!!!! Tell Amy i am missing her too. Yep; Anna had a great birthday. It was cool cause i gained a new mickie and minnie mouse notebook!!!!!!!!!
      loads of love from Lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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