How ya goin’ buddy?

While we’ve been in Australia we’ve been listening to some of the interesting phrases people use that we’re not familiar with. One of these is “how ya goin” which is used as a general greeting at least here in S Queensland. As we got on the ferry to go to Straddie the woman who docked the boat was saying it to everyone as they boarded. Anna turned to Beth and said “why’s she asking us how we’re going when she can see we’re getting on the ferry?”

Generally it’s not a problem understanding Aussies. The only difficulty I’ve had was when a woman at a coffee shop asked me if I wanted a “Muggle Cap” for my drinks. I asked her to repeat it and it was only when her colleague asked me did I realise she was asking if I wanted a mug or cup….

One thought on “How ya goin’ buddy?

  1. muggle cup hahahha

    About the “how ya going” – very similar to Portuguese uh???

    Como vai voce?
    Como voce vai indo?
    Como vai?

    I’m loving read your posts, kisses to all of you, a special one for Beth…


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