Streets Beach

In Brisbane there is a really cool streets beach. It is a fake beach and everybody can come to it even though it is in the middle of the city! I do not think there is anywhere like it. Next to the beach there are sprinklers which get you AWFULLY wet. When we were drying off we noticed a group of people taking photo shoots and lifeguards asked to help who were being humiliated. It is really relaxing and is a perfect place just to chill!!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Streets Beach

  1. Louisa, that does sound wonderful! We certainly could do with one of those here. It would make a good play facility/activity for adults and children alike! Jx

  2. Hi Anna and Louisa, the streets beach sounds cool! I wish I could go there too. I wish I was in Australia. At school we’ve still been doing lots of maths and literacy and sometimes it’s quite boring. On icebreaker day we learned about peace and war and next year our topic is going to be the second world war. We learned about children being evacuated. Lots of love from Izzy xxx

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