Dazzling Daintree!

I have just come back from the daintree rainforest in Australia where i have been having a fab time. We only just managed to squeeze in snorkling before the trip home. I can now say i have been to the GREAT BARRIER REEF. I actually saw some fish!!! It was really wavey and hard to swim in. I saw a spotty fish AND a group swimming together. Also yesterday i went to the daintree river and had a crocodile cruise. We saw three!!!! One crocodile was 5 METRES long and it’s tail was a foot wide. Then we also saw a HUGE fat female who the guide said had just caught herself a juicy, yummy wallaby for breakfast. Hope all is well back home!!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dazzling Daintree!

  1. Wow, that all sounds really amazing! You are having a proper adventure, just about every day by the sound of it. Won’t life be dull when you come back home!

    Here we are jogging towards the end of term. Sports day was rained off yesterday – after 3 weeks or more of solid sun and everything dry and crunchy, it starts to pour down just for sports day… but water day seems to be going ahead all right today, in spite of clouds, wind and more rain threatening. Everyone is so tired, we just can’t wait for the holidays to start. But reading about what you guys are doing and seeing your pictures always gives us a boost.

    So – was it scary seeing the crocodiles, or were you as cool as a shelf of cucmbers? How many different colours of fish did you spot at the Great barrier reef? (Any sign of Nemo and Dory?) We loved the pictures of you feeding wallabies.

    Keep on having a great time! Love from

    Becca, Dave, Janet and Anniee xxxx

  2. Hi Everybody! I glad you are having a great and ‘very different type of experience(s)’ at the distance you are from us. The crocodile river sounds fascinating Louisa. We too enjoyed the alligators’ in the Everglades in the U.S. I have four days left at my School – I do feel I need a holiday now too. I would like to let you know; especially you Lousia and Anna that Max is been very clever this evening. I have been out in Abingdon with a Finale for the End of Year and arrived home. Feeling sorry for poor Max thinking of him alone and outside – I decided to call him. Well, at first nothing happened – until my interest of feeding him cat biscuits vanished and the rapid response of Max ran in and deposited a nice gift for his owner of ‘gleaming’ ceramic floor!! That’s say my two young adults decided on – my Mum should deal with this situation! Please continue to have a special time all of you and take care as well as take in the experience. Jacqui, Ian, Gemma, Josh and the ‘cat.’

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