Taste of the Pantanal

Since I can’t upload all of our photos to Flickr just yet, I thought I would upload a few to give a taste of the things we saw. Click them for larger versions.

3 thoughts on “Taste of the Pantanal

  1. Hello Chris, Beth, Louisa and Anna!

    What a fantastic trip. I know it may be a bit extreme for the girls, but it´s a great opportunity to see all those strange animals in their natural habitat. There are animals that even I don´t know their names! I am looking forward to see all the photos. Are you now in Salvador or back to the UK?

    It was lovely to have you around and my only regret is that I had to work too much and was not able to show you around properly. I´d love to have show you more places in Rio. Also, the weather was not at its best behaviour. Oh, well…hope you have seen enough to come back one day, who knows?

    We had a lovely time at the Japanese restaurant and it was great to see how Louisa and Anna are turning into two lovely young ladies. I admire Louisa´s poise and Anna´s enthusiasm. They are lovely!

    Miss you already and wish you all the best for the rest of your adventure.

    Lots of love,


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