So as you can see we decided to resurrect this blog for our summer 2012 holiday. We are off to Canada with a stop over in Iceland. We have been enjoying Iceland so far. Louisa has got a “learn Icelandic” app on her iPod and says she wants to come and live here.

Yesterday was a busy one, with Whale Watching in the morning, a lunch of Icelandic specialities and a visit to the local swimming baths with outdoor hot tubs etc. We also spotted Puffin fillets in the nearby supermarket. It looks very dark, more like liver than anything else. Today is a coach trip to see some of the famous sights near to Reykjavik, the so called “Golden Circle”.

Chilling in Reykjavik

We’re having a brilliant time here in Reykjavik. Just come back from the outdoor thermal pool!! 🙂 having s really good tome so far!! Went whale watching today to see well….. Ummm…. Whales! A couple came really close to the boat!! Feeling quite at home here! I’ve decided that I want to
learn Icelandic! Have noticEd lots of unique things about Reykjavik! Several people dressed in doc martins (v jealous!!) and geeky glasses and mini skirts with rainbow colour hair dos! I felt really embarressed cause I just could not stop gawping at their turquoise, lady gaga style hair!! 🙂 We have a nice apartment and have the pool and shop nearby!! Goi g on a tour of the golden circle tomorrow! Oh, and yes I did try the putrified shark meat!! 😦 I suppose since I’d put a really bad picture in my head it was a little better
than I had expected. I am not though, under ANY circumstances, saying it was nice though because it had a strange off after taste that tasted like mouldy cheese! Blaaagh! 🙂 can’t wait for more Reykjavik adventures!!! 🙂 Louisa

Iceland (not Finland!)

Very excited about our flight to Iceland tomorrow! (Mum keeps accidentally mixing up Iceland and Finland, hence the title!) It has been a while since I’ve had a chance for a real small-suitcase, long-flighted, prim and proper adventurous holiday with all of the extra frills of camping and songs around the campfire and canoeing and famous sights that you never knew where famous and some people blabbering strange words in strange languages but also people speaking english and log cabins and big lakes and wildlife spotting! Well, Iceland and Canada have got it all! From the sight-seeing and style of Iceland to the tree-blanketed peaks of Algonquin, Canada I think this holiday is possibly one of the best! (I’m not bragging, honestly!)

We’ve nearly finished packing! YAY! (This may sound like we are very organised but may I remind you it is only 12 and a half hours until the taxi comes to pick us up for the airport!?!!?) I have managed to shove in 2 swimming cossies (1 old, 1 new!), new (NEW!?!!?) sunglasses and sunhat and my (ALSO NEW!?!?!) playsuit and maxi dress! I can’t wait Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! 🙂 😀 Need to get an early night! Bye Bye! x P.S- zzzzzz!