Hong Kong

Nathan Road Lights, originally uploaded by Chrstopher.

Hong Kong came as a bit of shock after Japan. For a start it’s quite a bit hotter down here (every day it’s around 30C) and humid too. The girls have found this difficult. It’s also noisier and busier than Kyoto or Hiroshima – in many ways it is more like London than Japan. It’s noisy and commercial and the people are less likely to be polite. Mind you, the Japanese are probably the most polite on the planet, so it was always going to be a bit of a culture shock when we left.

This photo is on Nathan Road in Kowloon, which is something like a cross between Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. It’s also a bit of a tourist hotspot, which means that you get Indians on every street corner offering you a cheap suit or fake rolex. On the plus side, all the lights and movement make it a good place for a long exposure photo or two!