Halfway through

So we’re into the second half of our trip now. It seems like it has gone by pretty quickly, although it also seems a lifetime ago we were catching the taxi to Heathrow. So what lessons have we learnt so far about travelling around the world (with children?)

  1. It’s a good idea to have multiple bank accounts. So if the ATM rejects one card, it might accept the other. From our statistically insignificant sample of 2 accounts, HSBC beats Smile hands down. Beth has only had her card rejected once. I’ve had my card rejected in every country we’ve been to. I have been given cash on the odd occasion though.
  2. Kids like routine. So if you’re staying in a different place every other day they might find it hard to get off to sleep. So take this into account and build in some time just to ‘chill out’. They say you should pack by getting everything you need and then take half of it. I think when travelling with children you should draw up your itinerary and then cut out half of it.
  3. TripAdvisor is generally a good guide. If it gets a good write up, then it probably is a pretty decent place. Unless it’s in Alice Springs. Seriously, that place is just screwed up (with the exception of the excellent reptile centre). But read between the lines. Somewhere that’s great value for backpackers might not be right for you.
  4. Don’t bring light coloured socks for the children unless you really like handwashing in hotel sinks!

3 thoughts on “Halfway through

  1. Yes, they are. We’re currently in New Zealand and we’ve been cross-country skiing. We’ve also been camel riding and snorkelling on this trip! Not too long until we’re in South America… we arrive in Rio on 8th August. See you then, love Chris, Beth and the girls xxx

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