Geothermal Jokes

Why did the geyser feel good about himself?
Because he was full of sulphur steam!

Why did the bubbling mud get a girlfriend quickly?
Because he was sooooo hot!

Hope you like them 😀

9 thoughts on “Geothermal Jokes

  1. Hi Louisa,
    I realy like your jokes, they’re sooo cool!!!
    Lots of love ECE!!!

    • Hi Ece,
      At the mo i am in Santiago, Chile and i am nearly ready 4 bed. Dad is already asleep because we are really jet-lagged. U might not like it here. It is really busy, especially after coming from NZ. There are a similar amount of people in NZ as there are in Santiagago. They also have some interesting flavour ice-creams! I could not figure out what flavour it was. Lemon and what seemed to be maple syrup! In three nights i am going to Rio for 5 nights and then we are going to an island called Ilha Grande for 2 nights (English: Big Island). Then we are going back to Rio for 1 night. After that we are going to the worlds biggest wet land the Pantanal for 4 nights. (I do not think there will be internet access) Next we will be flying to the coconut coast for 5 nights. Then our final destination Sao Paulo for 2 nights. Plus the time left in Chile the grand total is…..
      22 NIGHTS REMAINING!!!!!!!
      see ya!
      loads of hugs from Lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S published on the 6th of August

    • Hi Ece,
      I am in Rio. when are U available to skye me?????????
      loads of hugs from lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Hannah,
      Spain cool!!! I will be back 2 kennington on 31st of august. at the moment i am in Rio de Janeiro which is part of brasil. I hope to see U soonish!
      Loads of hugs from lulu xxxxx

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