Chilling in Rio

We’ve been enjoying our time in Rio. It’s just like you’d expect. The traffic is a bit crazy, the beaches are lovely and there are lots of beautiful tanned people jogging along them. We’ve had no problems with beggars and haven’t felt unduly worried about crime. It’s fun just relaxing, having breakfast in a juice bar and shopping for Havaianas. So much fun that it looks like we will be cancelling a side trip to stay in the city and do more of the same…

2 thoughts on “Chilling in Rio

  1. It all sounds wonderful. I am so glad you are having an exciting time! We returned from Menorca yesterday 13/08 – I didn’t try any long sentences in Spanish – but it was an enjoyable time for us in the sun. Keep happy and safe. With fond wishes, Jacqui and Family x

  2. Great photo of you all! Now up in the staff room. So glad you are enjoying Rio and we continue to be very envious. We had to make do with a practice picnic and punting expedition in University Parks on Sunday, which while good fun, was somehow not quite the same.


    (Beth – Manpreet’s baby has not yet arrived but could be any day now, will keep you posted.)

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