We have now been in Australia for 5 days and are happily settling in to the relaxed Aussie way of life. We are very lucky in that we are staying with Chris’ parents in their house swap in the Brisbane suburbs. It is winter here so the weather is cool by local standards (20-25C by day and down to around 12C at night). It suits us better than the intense heat and humidity in Hong Kong.

On Saturday we went on a trip to Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast with Vicki and Eddy our Brisbane friends. It was a lovely day – sunny and warm enough for the sea. We had great fish and chips, a walk along the headland and topped things off with icecream. The girls were in heaven!

We’ve also been twice to the artificial beach at South Bank. Its perfect for children – safe and clean – and with great amenities close at hand.

Tonight has been busy and fun. Chris’ cousin Will came over for dinner which was lovely.

The girls had a very exciting time skyping their classes at school. They had been really looking forward to it and were thrilled to see all their friends.

On the food front, we’ve tried some new things – Papaya – which everyone liked and custard apple – which got more of a mixed response. I thought it was delicious.

Tomorrow we are off on a little side trip to Straddie ( North Stradbroke Island ) for some more beaches and possibly some wildlife watching.

3 thoughts on “Australia

  1. We are so happy you are enjoying the Aussie way of life. It sounds like what we all need here in our house! We have busy work lives all of us at the moment. Glad that the girls’ loved their ice creams. Look forward to hearing more….

  2. We all say hi, and are a little envious of fish, chips, ice cream, beaches etc!!! Glad to hear you’re having a great time, Lucas is pleased that you will be getting to see the play Louisa, and was chatting about the class and you skyping, they are all rhehearsing like mad!

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