Rainforest, Reef and the Rock

We’ve been pretty quiet over the last week or so, mainly due to doing lots of travelling and not having much access to the internet. Actually, the three nights we spent in the rainforest were in accommodation which was completely off-grid. Anyway, I can confirm we are still alive and have got a lot of photos to download off our cameras. So where have we been?

We started off by flying up to tropical North Queensland and heading to the Daintree National Park as mentioned in Louisa’s post. We stayed at the Exotic Fruit Farm at Cape Trib. It’s a fantastic place and I’ve no idea how they manage to keep the cabins in such great shape, considering the conditions. While we were there we saw cassowaries and crocodiles in the wild and tasted some fruits we’d never heard of before. Black sapote, abiu, rollinia to name some of our favourites. On a snorkelling trip out to the reef I was lucky enough to swim with a couple of turtles and to see a huge stingray.

After getting quite damp in the rainforest (and the dry season at that) we flew to central Australia, direct to Ayers Rock airport. We drove to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and took some walks around them. We were quite awestruck. Seeing pictures of them doesn’t really compare to seeing them for real.

Today we drove to Alice Springs which is just down the road (i.e. 450km away). The outback scenery was interesting and so were the roadhouses. One just seemed to be full of slightly unhinged people and I’m talking about the staff as well as the customers. Alice Springs is also a bit weird. Nothing seems to work quite right. The first place we tried for lunch had nearly run out of food and the second one took ages and lost half our order. It’s like the whole place is staffed by temporary workers who just arrived.

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